KUL To iCal

Be careful with this tool, the iCal file doesn't magically update when changes are made in KULoket!

I recommend you still use quivr to check for changes.

Step 1: Options

This page can get slow if the range of data is too big. You can import multiple iCal files into 1 calender in Google Calender.

Step 2: Click the link below.

You will be prompted to log in if you are not already.

If the data looks way too short (something like {"d":{"results":[]}}) pick a later start date or sooner end date.
This happens when one of the dates are in a different semester (according to KU Loket).

Step 3: Copy the data from the KU

Step 4: Download the iCal file

Thank you for using Dries007's KUL To iCal. Have a good semester!

The download link will appear here when you click 'Go' in step 3.

The box below will contain the entire iCal file after converting. If you can't get the download button to work, just copy the text and save it as "magic.ics".


The box below contains debug data.